“Grateful for the Adventure in Newtown”

Today I’m going to talk about something that I’m grateful for. My partner Adam and I volunteered with the Sandy Hook Healing Project, which is a non-profit effort to bring healing of all kinds to the community of Newtown, Ct.

It was amazing to see how volunteers transformed a warehouse into a beautiful, healing space for the community. There were many different modalities offered by volunteers and I had signed up to run ‘bars’.

Well, when we arrived there were many healing practitioners but no one waiting to receive services. So, we offered to take flyers and get the word out about the event in the community.

In the next four hours we went on an adventure all over town and met some very inspiring people. Our first stop was the basement of the Town Hall which was full of toys for the children of the community. On the top floor they were having an event called Birth 2012 Connecticut, where the community was gathering to unite and cultivate peace. There were media from all around the world and we spoke to a reporter from Moscow that took our flyer and promised to come by to report on the Healing Project.

When we entered a General Store right near the Town Hall, it was like we had been transported back 150 years. There were antiques everywhere and old-fashioned candy. We were able to post a flyer on the front door of this very busy establishment.

The firefighters and policemen we spoke with were very appreciative of having a place to go to relieve stress. So many have been having trouble sleeping and have been working overtime to assist the community.

I am so grateful to have met so many people making a difference in their community and the world. What difference would there be in the world if each one of us truly recognized the gift we are?

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