“Reclaiming my Voice: My Journey Part II / The Power of Vulnerability”

In this video I’m trying something new. And, you have to watch the video to find out what I did. ☺ Okay, I’ll tell you what I did… I actually sang on video and posted it on YouTube which is a first for me!

How many of us growing up were encouraged to be vulnerable? Or, were you told to be tough and strong so that you wouldn’t get hurt? How many of you were told that being vulnerable was a weakness?

What if being vulnerable is a strength? What if that is the ultimate power – to be fully present as the “open wound”?

So much of my life I felt I had to “protect” myself by putting up barriers. What I discovered by lowering my barriers is that this allowed me to receive everything – all energies and information. That being present as the “open wound” actually was a tremendous gift and strength.

And, lowering your barriers is easy! All you have to do is energetically push down your barriers. If you notice that your barriers have come up again, just push them down and keep practicing. After awhile, you may notice that it get’s easier and easier to keep your barriers down.

If you play with this, I’d love to hear what changes you notice, if any. So, please write and let me know.

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