“Reclaiming my Voice: My Journey Part 1″

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I was searching for classes that would facilitate me in showing up more on stage since I knew more was possible with speaking and being more present when giving presentations. One day I came across a class on creativity which allowed you to be facilitated on stage singing, dancing, talking, playing an instrument, walking, acting, etc. Although I was a bit nervous, I signed up for the class and flew to Austin the following week.

What I was in store for absolutely blew my universe open. I was amazed how one person after another transformed before my very eyes. Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness™ would ask people questions to destroy limitations and clear energetic blocks that kept people from fully showing up on stage.

When it was my turn to take the stage, I choose to sing a song by Etta James entitled “At Last”. I had listened to the song on iTunes, written down the lyrics and even practiced a bit in my hotel room the night before the class. Much to my surprise and to everyone in the class, when I opened my mouth to sing, no sound came out. Gary asked me what was up and I answered that I was trying to sing but no sound was coming out of my throat. The muscles in my throat were so tight and locked up I had trouble breathing. Gary took a few minutes and ran some verbal clearings and worked his energetic “magic” on my throat and I felt the muscles in my throat start to relax and I was able to breathe more easily. I was able to sing a few words to my amazement as the class cheered me on. Gary told me to rest my throat until the next day of class.

I could hardly sleep that night as I perceived the shifts in my throat and the tightness continuing to melt away. The next day at class I couldn’t wait to sing. I kept on raising my hand, hoping to be picked, and wasn’t chosen until the afternoon. When I got onstage I took a long, deep breathe and sang 2 verses of Etta James’ song, “At Last”. I would have continued to sing but everyone was cheering and clapping so loud it was awesome!! I received the applause through tears of shear joy. Wow, I was truly discovering my voice. What else is possible?

To be continued….

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